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The mission of Threefold Directory is to inspire connection, communication, collaboration, and associative cash flow amongst individuals and initiatives within and surrounding the anthroposophical movement. Anthroposophy means to awaken to the evolving wisdom of our humanity. It is a path of knowledge born of the heart of human beings whose souls long for a conscious re-connection with the spiritual world which reveals itself to us both within and about us. The anthroposophical movement is a world-wide movement that touches almost every field of practical endeavors inspired by the life and work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Austrian scientist and spiritual researcher.

A cornerstone question we ask ourselves is, what is needed so that all can gain support to find and fulfill their destiny tasks, get their needs met, and collaborate to support one another to meet the challenges of our time?

At the heart of our mission lies the willingness to foster our relationship to the threefold Spirit of Creative Renewal that was inaugurated by Rudolf Steiner at the re-founding of the Anthroposophical Society and Movement during the Holy Nights of Christmas 1923/24.

Inherent in the refounding were threefold dynamics and principles, as described above, in the very form and structure  that provide a temple for a modern “Threefold Grail Community” that meets the needs of our ailing world.

Heart-founded Vision:

We imagine the Threefold Directory, as the first in a series of initiatives to support the Anthroposophical Movement to become more aware of itself and to one another from diverse perspectives within our world-wide community.

If the vision resonates and the Directory proves to be a useful tool, and is supported by individuals and initiatives, the Directory will allow us to search for businesses, organizations, and people with skills around the world engaged in diverse activities and from far away places.

So, if you’re traveling from the U.S. to Australia and you’re wondering who you might connect with from the anthroposophical movement, or who might have rooms in a Bed and Breakfast, you’ll be able to do a search by location and see the individuals, businesses, and initiatives in the area of your interest and receive contact information. If you’re a parent in a school and are interested in initiatives or the vocation of other parents, you’ll be able to do a search to find them. Parents, teachers, businesses, and initiative takers can organize themselves by location and/or by interest.

Our long term aim is to create associative economic relationships and collaborations between for-profit and non-profit initiatives that can begin to solve the cash flow and collaboration questions we so often hear from members and friends:

  • How can we make Waldorf Education available to all students whose parents and teachers sense a destiny connection between the soul of the child and the Waldorf curriculum?
  • How can our groups and branches become a fertile threefold social ground for the rising of new initiative to serve our local and world communities?
  • How can we economically support the School of Spiritual Science so research can be furthered by individuals in the School’s respective fields?
  • How can we work together to free land, labor and capital from being bought, sold, and speculated upon but put in service to provide an earthly foundation for our communities so that businesses, schools, and housing for parents, teachers, and associates can be secured?
  • How can we support a vision of community development that has as its foundation associative economic relationships and associative entrepreneurship to insure our communities remain healthy in these challenging economic and social times?

We’ll be exploring these questions and more in the Threefold Directory Newsletter and/or webinars.

We see the Directory as the first step so we can get a sense of the rich talent, offerings, needs and requests inherent in the movement,  Directory users will be able to post or search for events, jobs, and skills needed or offered.

If we become more conscious of one another and our given resources, we can learn to organize ourselves from threefold social dynamics in our social structures and exchanges.

Who Are We?


Eliah Rael

I’m grateful that by destiny, I was introduced to the life and work of Rudolf Steiner around the youthful age of 21 in 1970. Anthroposophy was and continues to be the guiding north star of my life for making sense of our evolving personal and world destinies. 

I like to think of myself as a catalyst for people to gain more clarity about their lives and what they are here to accomplish from a larger biographical and historical context. As we learn to view the unfolding of our “life story” through the lens of individual and world cycles of development as understood from an anthroposophical perspective, the possibility arises to perceive life aims, lessons, and destiny influences with greater acuity and understanding.

By profession I’ve been a personal, world and money biographer, a business consultant, a numismatist – or money historian and rare coin dealer. I’ve been an entrepreneur from an early age, which allows me the ability and freedom to structure my life according to my priorities.

I’ve learned a lot through the daily interactions and conversations with my wife, Vivianne, as well as all the lessons and joys of fathering our free thinking, creative daughter, Elisha and son, James.  It has been an intention of mine to serve as a leader in our family and the community we live in from an entrepreneurial spirit.

As a Pisces, my intuition is my compass in most situations as I listen to where my hands and feet lead me. I strive to be awake to who is in front of me and continuously ask myself “what is possible?” in any given situation.

When Michael Gallant called to connect with me after reading my biography on another website, I felt an intense reciprocal entrepreneurial spirit and deeply shared values and insights. Michael was already on the way to creating a Directory. Vivianne and I had it towards the top of our list of priorities. The three of us agreed to collaborate.

I am deeply appreciative that I have the possibility to collaborate in the forwarding of this directory so I can get to know you and the mystery of what’s possible between us.


Vivianne Sinclaire

I feel very fortunate that the good guiding powers of destiny led me to the work of Rudolf Steiner, to my partner Eliah, and the wellsprings of Anthroposophy at the tender age of 18. It was an answer to my prayers after a physically debilitating car accident and spiritually awakening near death experience. Since that threshold experience I am called to cultivate the courage to surrender my will to a higher will and find that sweet spot of congruence where my calling, core values, and collaborative cash flow meet.

Our vision for the Directory and it’s mother corporation, Threefold Dynamics Inc.,  includes threefold support for individuals and initiatives in both personal and community life.

I’m inspired by the social possibilities that can arise through
the connections that can be made as people come to learn about one another through the Directory. I believe that through collaboration we can all support one another with an increased sense of purpose, recognition, connection, contribution and cash flow.

For me the social and economic arts are the highest arts and the areas where the most healing in our personal and world destiny is needed.

Michael, Eliah and I share a commitment to embody, as best we can, the social and economic healing impulses described by Rudolf Steiner in our business form, our social processes with one another, the community we serve, and the cash flow we steward. We share a vision to support the full flowering of the anthroposophical movement through the Threefold Directory and its related initiatives.

I’m grateful to be involved in the creation of this directory and look forward to getting to know you and what’s possible in the development of our world community! I warmly invite you to join us and share your gifts and/or initiative(s)! When you make yourself available and accessible, destiny can move in unexpected ways!


Michael Gallant

I came to anthroposophy in my 28th year, through Knowledge of Higher Worlds and Its Attainment, lent from a friend. I immediate felt my inner world shift. Since then I have committed myself fully to this path, and consider the greatest honour to be able to contribute in a small way to Rudolf Steiner’s work and legacy.

I have a business background, having been involved in finance, marketing and sales for various companies in the renewable energy, hospitality and natural foods industries. I  provide numerous services to small, socially progressive businesses and entrepreneurs through my company Virtuous Circle   working out of an anthroposophical approach. These include:

  • Business coaching and consultation.

  • Website development

  • Business plans and strategic plans

  • Online marketing

  • Social media setup and training

  • Property management systems setup and training

  • Complementary currency consulting

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Fostering creative cultural, social and economic renewal. 

Where the destiny of each is supported by the synergy of the whole.

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