• Art and Anthroposophy

    Art and Anthroposophy is an ongoing project for the purpose of presenting Anthroposophical art, Anthroposophical topics in art, and discussing, viewing, and creating art from an Anthroposophical perspective. This will include philosophical, spiritual, and material topics, with indications and examples of theory and practice, as well as images of artists’ work. I also intend to Read more [...]

  • Fairy Gnome Farm

    Fairy Gnome natural and plant dyed yarns. Fairy Gnome Farm is a fiber arts educational farm with sheep and dyers garden. Jodie Arellano is a certified Waldorf Handwork Educator, who promotes and supports the local fibershed in Southern Oregon.

  • Free Columbia

    Free Columbia is about change – change in ourselves, change in the world. It is about learning to percieve through color, form, movement, creative process and thinking. Learning to percieve what is needed, what is being asked for from the world. It is about new social forms of interacting, of Read more [...]

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