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Apply on behalf of your school, branch or organization. Your group will share in the revenues earned from paid listings that have been referred by you or your organization. You can promote Threefold Directory via email, newsletters, website links and banners, printed material and at events.

By working together we can build and strengthen the worldwide movement for creative World renewal, based on the work of Rudolf Steiner.

social media sharing


Promote Threefold Directory via social media, website, newsletter, and email using special links.  Our system keeps track of the listings that are referred by you,  and continues to reward you with residual income for the lifetime of the listing.

You’ll receive support with banners for your website, email content which you can edit, personalize, and send to your referral or community.

We’ll work together so we can coordinate our outreach and create collaboration rather than competition.



Receive revenue sharing rewards of 25% of the listing value on direct referrals for the lifetime of the listing, paid monthly to your paypal account.

Our program offers a win-win reciprocal revenue sharing opportunity. Affiliates will also receive first access to future programs, and products being developed by Threefold Dynamics.

Revenue Sharing

Earn 25% on every paid listing that you refer.

Monthly Payouts

We pay out to your paypal account on a regular monthly basis.

90 day Protection

Our system adds a 90 day cookie to user browsers, so you are protected if they leave and sign up later.

Lifetime Commission

Earn 25% on renewals from direct referrals indefinitely into the future.

Team Support

We will support you with bi-weekly Affiliate conference calls, materials and support.

Future Rewards

Affiliates gain first access to new programs, products and promotions being developed by Threefold Dynamics.

Associate Program Application

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