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  • Who can post on the Threefold Directory?

    Anyone can create a listing who meets one or more of the criteria listed in the list below:
    • Personally or vocationally inspired by the life and work of Rudolf Steiner
    • Member or friend of the Anthroposophical Society or movement
    • Connected via involvement with one of the daughter movements i.e: Waldorf Education, Biodyanamic gardening/farming, Camphill, Anthroposophical Medicine, etc.
    • Actively engaged in Associative Economic relationships or open to exploring possibilities
    • Working from Threefold principles in business or organizational form or processes.
  • Claim my listing?

    Claiming listings are for those listings have have already been added by someone (ourselves or a community member).

    Follow these steps:

    1. Register as a new user if you have not done so already.
    2. Check your email and confirm your email.
    3. Login using your username or email and password that you just created.
    4. Search for and find your detailing listing. There is a slide show at the top of the page.
    5. Click on the text on the right hand of the page that says Business Owner?
    6. Fill out and submit the form, and we will approve within 24 hours.
    7. Once approved as owner, you will be able to login and edit your listing.

  • Add a listing?

    If you are not already registered on the site, please do so.

    1. Log in (upper right).Under Add Listing and also About Us menu item, select Pricing to see the various features.
    2. Select the package you prefer.
    3. (Events and Jobs) If you have an existing initiative listing then search for your listing, and once found click Fill in Business Details. 
    4. (Facebook import) If you have an existing Facebook page or event page, copy your facebook URL (ie. and paste in the box that says "Enter Facebook page"  then click Import Details. Your form will be populated with your existing facebook information which you can edit. 
    5. Business Owner/Associate Most will click YES. No is an option because anyone can add a listing.
    6. Add title.
    7. Add description. Free accounts may have a limit on description length. Upgrade to a paid listing for unlimited description length.
    8. Add tags (optional) which helps when users are searching to find relevant terms.
    9. Select category or categories. Upgrade to paid listing for additional categories. Paid listings can select which category they would like as the main (default). If you don't see a category that is relevant to you, go ahead and select the closest one and complete your listing. Then submit a category request form and we will add your category and modify your listing accordingly.
    10. Enter your locationaddress, if it was not already populated in step 1 or 2. Click Set Address on Map if a pin doesn't automatically appear. Threefold Directory is a map-based directory, so a location must be specified. This can be a home address. Fake locations are a violation of our terms and conditions.
    11. Add additional optional fields. Note website URL must have http://or https:// in front. 
    12. Add image or images. Landscape (width greater than height) are best. Upgrade for additional photos presented as a slide show. 
    13. Ensure that the Accept Terms and Conditions box is selected.
    14.  Click Review your Listing button
    15. If you are happy with your listing, Confirm Preview and Publish or if a paid listing Confirm Preview and go to Check Out
    16. All done! Congratulations!


  • Edit a listing

    To Edit your listing, firstly you must be registered and logged in (see FAQ for more details).

    1. Click on Edit Listing (see screen shot below)

    2. Edit listing

    3. Review

    4. Publish.

    edit listing threefold directory

  • Upgrade to a premium or featured listing

    To Upgrade to a premium or featured listing, you must be registered and logged in.

    1. Click on the Upgrade Link (see screen shot)
    2. Select your package
    3. Edit your listing details if you wish
    4. Review your listing (ensure you click select Terms and Conditions box)
    5. Click Checkout to Upgrade Now

  • I don't see the category that I need. How can I add it?

    Please fill out our New Category Request Form  on the right hand side of the page.

    We will add your category (in most cases) and email you when we are complete.

  • I didn't receive an email when I registered?

    If you did not receive an email after registering on the site, please try the following:


    1. Click Get Mail or wait 15 minutes.

    2. Check your Junk Mail or Spam filter (these sometimes get put there)

    3. Try registering again.

    4. If none of these are successful, please contact us to let us know.


  • How much can I earn in the Revenue Sharing Program

    This is a program in which you can earn money as an independent representative of Threefold Directory, but promoting the directory via email, social media, and directly in your community.

    Your earnings are entirely up to your own efforts, there is no cap.

    Our program pays 35% on direct referrals (paid listings of course) and 15% on indirect referrals. 

    In addition you will earn on ongoing, lifetime commission of 20% on renewals for direct referrals only. 

    You can earn on all listing types including Premium Event and Job Listings made by those that you refer.

    What are indirect Referrals?

    Indirect referrals are not directly referred by you, but by someone that you referred.

    For example, if you refer a Waldorf school to a featured listing you will earn 35% of $247USD or $86.45.

    Now if the Waldorf school decides to raise funds for the school and promotes the directory to their community, and is successful in achieving 25 paid listings (say 15 premium at $97 and 10 featured at $247) then you will earn:

    15% x$97 x15 plus 15% x $247 x10 =$218.25+$370.50= $588.75

    while the Waldorf School will earn at 35%, or $509+ $864.50=$1373.50 for their efforts.

    Income Potential Example

    If you are able to bring in 5 featured listings and 10 premium listings per month, then you will be able to earn.

    $771.75 in direct referral income.

    Plus if you are able to bring in 2 schools that are each able to perform as the example above, then you can earn an additional

    $1177.50 in indirect referral income

    for a total income for the month of


    while at the same helping to "knit together" the movements working from the inspirations of Rudolf Steiner.

    And of course there is no cap on how many listings you can bring in!

    What you you waiting for? Apply today!



  • I didn't add my listing, how was it added?

    Threefold Directory is a community based directory platform, which means that anyone can add a listing, even if they aren't associated with the organization or business. Listings are of course in draft form, until approved by Threefold Directory administration.

    In order to make Threefold Directory we have also populated the database with some listings from existing publicly available sources, such as Facebook.

    To edit your listing, please register, login and edit. (see FAQ for details).


  • Import listing or event from Facebook?

    Anyone can add a listing, regardless of whether you are associated with the organization, initiative or business.

    Our Facebook import makes it easy to import information from an existing facebook page or facebook event page. Please note that some types of facebook pages, such as Groups may not import.

  • How do I register an account?

    1. Click on the register link.
    2. Add your information and submit.
    3. Check your email and confirm. If you can't find it in your inbox, check your junk mail folder.
    4. Login with your username and password.
    5. Add your additional personal details.
  • What kind of listings are accepted?

    In addition to initiatives directly inspired by the life and work of Rudolf Steiner, we welcome listings by organizations,  hosts and hostesses of lodgings, professionals, businesses and organizations that you might be directly affiliated with as long as you meet one or more of the criteria in Who can Submit a listing?”

    We offer three types of listings: initiatives, events/courses and jobs.

  • What categories are allowed?


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