What is Threefold and Why?

Rudolf Steiner describes threefold inter-relationships everywhere within and about us that can help us find orientation in our lives, our businesses, and our communities. He posits that we are created as threefold beings of body, soul, and spirit – which are also reflected in head, heart, and limbs. Within society we find an economics, political, and cultural life.

We are healthy when our threefold bodily systems are in coherence. Our social life becomes vibrant when we work with others out of the threefold ideals of spiritual freedom in the Cultural life, equal rights in the Political life and cooperation in the Economic life.

When understood, these threefold principles, innately inherent in the way we are created, can allow us to develop healthy relationships with ourselves and our local and global communities. The Threefold Directory is formulated to facilitate sharing of initatives from a threefold perspective and to foster threefold community development.

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