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  • Rileybrad’s Works

    I have been incarnated since 1949. The world is a vast and interesting place filled with riddles and hidden meanings. When I track the immense world of ideas and bring my intuitions into the service of my intelligence I approach the region of universal understanding. I am a graduate of Read more [...]

  • The Christian Mysteries

    This website is dedicated to re-discovering the role of these ancient mysteries had, the foundation they laid for the building of Christianity, and now the forging of the mysteries of the future. Representing this is the picture to your left of John the Baptist. Grunewalde painted him next to the Read more [...]

  • Reverse Ritual

    Welcome to this sharing of my spiritual research into the Festival life of Anthroposophy. Explore & co-create with me the ‘New Mysteries’ as we rise in our thinking to meet spiritual science in the true communion of Reverse Ritual. “Anthroposophy opens its wellsprings, so that the human will, carried by Read more [...]

  • Rudolf Steiner Web

    Browse the most comprehensive index to Rudolf Steiner’s work in English or German on the Internet. Painstakingly compiled and cross-indexed, this searchable database allows you to find the English publishing history of any German volume. It also contains links to most of the texts by Steiner available on the Internet Read more [...]

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